Founder speech “Welcome Ultras Business World”


Everyday is a new chance for a better life, GOOD MORNING !!


With the continuous transformation in the global market and the chaotic quick growth of technologies accompanied with challenging customers who have higher demands and swift communication media of an interrelated global economy; competition has accelerated and become more aggressive where companies need to be smarter, faster and highly responsive. They need the ability to deliver continuous experiences for their customers while providing strong returns to their shareholders we have created Ultras Business, an NGO “non-governmental organization” which provides a successful training and development programs for the employees and youth In middle east and south Africa,
-creating, sharing, innovating and developing new business ideas and solve more problems with both scientific and business experience.
-spread the public awareness about internet business and holding new business operations and concepts such as : Direct selling, inbound marketing, Social media marketing… etc
-reducing the percentage of unemployment in the Egyptian Society.
– training youth on new creative programs like SEO, Digital media production.
– perform as an active member with the charitable organizations and support it with all services we can do.


we want to deliver a message for the unemployed people that we are with you, supporting you with training and support util you can join your  job opportunity that will change your life


We finally ask “Allah” to help us provide  all of you to the right track and WELCOME everybody


CEO Founder

Amr Abdel-Aziz




About amr2008
Welcome there, Amr Abdel-Aziz, CEO Founder, Ultras Business "لنكن التغيير الذي نريد أن نراه فى العالم"

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